5G fronthaul


5G fronthaul Semi-active Solution

The Semi-active system adopts the asymmetric equipment form which consists of local active WDM, remote passive WDM equipment,  DU side colored light module and AAU side colored light module, and the network management system. Semi-active WDM system provides protection and automatic switching mechanism, supporting the manageability and network Operation and maintenance, local active WDM equipment and remote passive WDM equipment multiplexes multiple wavelengths to save optical fiber. At the same time, it supports 4G / 5G mixed service transmission to achieve 4G / 5G unified fronthual


Solution Features

  • Similar to passive WDM, network management monitoring and optical layer protection functions are added on the basis of maintaining end-to-end low passive WDM cost

  • DU side equipment is active with optical layer protection and automatic switching. Power failure of equipment only affects network management but does not affect service

  • Modular structure, 1:6/1:12/1:18 optional, flexible configuration of function units


Application Scenario

  • DU small-scale centralized deployment or limited fiber resource areas

  • No power for remote system with the ability of outdoor deployment. Passive mux/demux can be deployed together with AAU to handle single-station service, or can be deployed at optical intersection site to converge multi-station services

  • Meet the requirement of reliability and manageability for 5G forward network