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FHTEK Information Technology is an information and communication technology solution provider dedicating to provide innovation and competitiveness for ICT product and solutions worldwide. With strong capability in R&D and rich experiences in global market, we are able to understand and meet customer requirements and offer competitive solutions and services to telecom operators and business customers.

Founded in Hongkong, FHTEK takes technical innovation as its core competitiveness and has established R&D centers in Shenzhen, Chengdu and Wuhan. We keep on investing in R&D and manufacturing to continuously improve our innovation and production capabilities.

FHTEK is committed to the R&D, manufacture and sales of optical communications/broadband solutions/smart terminals/5G/AI and other information technologies. We are providing customized solutions for domestic and international telecom operators and have already established local offices in North and Central & South America, and is expanding to Middle East and South East Asia. At present, Our products and solutions have been widely used in mentioned regions, and we have built long-term and stable business relationships with multinational telcos and local telecom operators. 

Our goal is to help customers to improve their efficiency, to enhance their core competitiveness and to explore new business opportunities. We believe that telecom industry has huge potential and bright prospects in the future.

Our Mission is "As a local-based international ICT solution provider who contributes value to our customers by leveraging on innovation", and our Vision is "Digitalize the world and benefit the people". We believe that taking technology as a tool, if focusing on the demand of the people, human life will definitely be better and nicer based on the fast development of diversified solutions and products.

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Global Headquarters
17F, Tower B, Galaxy World, Yabao RD No.1, Longgang District, ShenZhen, China
0086-755 2373 0480 / 0086-755 2373 6955
America Regional Headquarters
Juan Salvador Agraz 50, Col. Lomas de Santa Fe, Delegación  Cuajimalpa C.P.05300 CDMX
0052-55 5536 5783