IDC Infrastructure

With the rapid development of cloud computing and mobile Internet, traditional data centers face many challenges such as long construction period, high initial investment, low efficiency under low load, difficult expansion under high load, and low management efficiency, which is difficult to meet the rapid growth of business.

Modularity, green energy conservation and automation are the future development trends of the data center. The FHTEK micro-module data center overall solution is an integrated system integrating power distribution, environmental monitoring, cooling system, cabinet, wiring, fire linkage and other infrastructure. The solution provides customers with new data center solutions that are fast-deployed, energy-efficient, compact, and flexible.

The FHTEK MDC offers the following benefits to provide value to customers:
  • Standardized components, de-engineering, overall delivery; productized installation, efficient implementation, 1~3 months to complete;

  • Modules are independent of each other and deployed on demand, enabling online expansion and greatly improving capital efficiency;

  • Efficient power supply and distribution, close to heat source cooling, effectively reduce module PUE;

  • Close-range precision cooling, with hot and cold air isolation, eliminating local hot spots;

  • Provide remote monitoring and attendance services and on-site duty protection;