Pre-connectorized ODN


Pre-connectorized ODN passive elements are a solution for FTTH infrastructure network architecture that enables a high efficiency network construction, high reliability and low deployment costs. Pre-connection ensures that the network passive elements are pre-manufactured with INGRESS PROTECTION (e.g. IP65, IP68) connectors and adapters. Before shipped from the factory, all network passive elements have been terminated with connectors and adapters, with an assured quality level and suitable for a variety of ODN network environment. Compared to the traditional ODN network, pre-connectorized ODN construction eliminates needs of fibre splicing on site, thus avoids issue of lacking of control and potential inefficiency of fibre fusion splices. At the same time, using this quick installation process and depending on the network structure, the construction mode can be changed from the typical serial construction into a parallel construction mode using several crews, supporting the quick and efficient deployment of ODN.

In simple words, a pre-connectorized based ODN solution is very efficient for ODN construction. Based on the ODN network planning, designing and coverage range, pre-connection can be applied into drop section pre-connection, distribution section pre-connection, and all ODN sections pre-connection. In all these options, the key is to have pre-connectorized passive elements and transfer the manual fibre splicing work onsite to the factory for batch processing and higher reliability